Welcome to SpinTales Staking!

The place to continue your poker adventure.

Learn how to turn playing poker into a Tale full of pride, accomplishment and financial success.

Welcome to SpinTales Staking, the place to continue your poker adventure. Learn how to turn playing poker into a Tale full of pride, accomplishment and financial success.

Whether you are an experienced player or new to the Spin & Go format, we will give you the tools you need to improve your game, increase your winnings, and handle variance.

Having gone through all the levels of poker, from the $7 stake all the way to the highest stakes, our head coach knows what’s required to succeed. We have one of the highest success rates of taking beginners from low stakes fundamentals to establishing themselves vs the regulars at the highest stakes.

Bankroll and EV Deals

We will not only provide you with a bankroll for the Buy-in best suited to your skill level, but offer you a customized EV deal. One of the most difficult aspects of the game is dealing with running badly. Unfortunately, we can’t teach our players to always run good. We can however, eliminate the need to worry about downswings. With an EV Deal, you can focus on playing well, and leave the variance to us.

100 hours $30 Spin&Go’s can be worth


100 hours $100 Spin&Go’s can be worth



If you show dedication and hard work, you will get to work with a very experienced coach to help you fulfil your potential. You can have 1:1 sessions with a high level coach, from the moment you start playing a Buy-in level of $15+.

We have weekly group sessions for our players. Our beginner players study fundamentals and our higher players focus on advanced theory, exploitative vs GTO approaches, hand history analysis, and live play reviews. Our group coaching sessions are designed to ensure that all of our players, regardless of buy-in or skill level, receive proper, focused training.

Video Library with strategy content

For our staked players, we host a private website, which includes a coaching section with hundreds of videos, covering all possible strategic topics.

After each group session, we edit and upload the videos to the site. With our simple video filtering system, you can then search for any of the group coaching videos by date, coach, game type, or by strategic topics covered.

These videos are only available to players in our staking program and are not available anywhere publicly.

You can however check out our Youtube channel for free studying materials for the Spin and Go format.


We’ll provide you with access to hundreds of readless and exploitative charts for all the possible scenarios that the Spin and Go format can offer.

We’ll help you optimize the study process for the provided charts. All charts are for off the tables use only.

Daily Support

On top of helping with reloads, your mental game, PokerStars customer service, or other day-to-day topics,

We will also help you properly utilize different poker-based software. Whether it is PT4, a HUD, Exploitative or GTO software, we will make sure that you are comfortable with using it effectively.

Friendly community

We focus strongly on maintaining our excellent community atmosphere. We host several Discord channels for hand history discussion, general discussion, questions and general help, and group coaching.

We are very active in our group chats, whether it's discussing poker strategy or the latest TV show. You will also interact with friendly players with similar interests.

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